By: Melvin Teah

I know we all have heard this before, “only real men wear Self Tie bow tie.” Well that is not entirely correct. Though this has been the norm for decades, there is a problem with it.

And yes, I do understand there is a sense of pride that comes with been able to tie a bow tie yourself; however, there is no need to thumb your noise at the once that are pre-tied. Many might say it is not suitable for a black or white tie event.

Now, ask yourself this, how many times have you been to a black tie event and if you have how many people do you see walking around with their tie loose? Ok now that you have answered that, it is only appropriate that I introduce my point.

I too at some point had that preconceived notion that real men only wears self-tie bow ties. There is a flaw with this notion. Now you ask how can there be a flaw with it. The flaw with it is that it sets limitations on your style. This way of thinking will prevent you from exploring other great designs like the Tom Ford inspired bow tie or the doubled V-cut by Blue Cavalz.

The true saying should be “REAL MEN DO NOT LIMIT THEMSELVES”. I say have both self tie and pre-tied as to not limit yourself. Your concerns should be more on whether your bow tie will match your outfit or how great it is and not whether it is pre-tied or self tie.

Bow Tie have come a long way from the time it was first introduced by Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century to now. Explore different designs and find the one that best suits you.

It doesn’t matter which one you wear as long as it is worn correctly. Fashion and personal style is about being free and open minded. Develop your personal style but always be opened to make few adjustments.

Don’t become obsolete with your style. If for example, the leaders of the fashion world remained stagnant and never evolved we would still be dressing like people from the stone age. Whether you are a bow tie enthusiast or just want to standout at an event, understanding how to match your bow tie to your outfit is paramount to your style. Remember never to limit your style. Now go out there and be limitless.

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