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    The idea to wear something unique for his big day popped into his head. He did not want to go the traditional route of renting his suit so he suggested to his groomsmen that they buy their suits and take it to a tailor for alterations. Now that the suit process was over, it was time to find a unique bowtie to accessorize his appearance, but there lied the problem. He searched the web, but found only the traditional bowtie designs.

    Since he couldn’t find what he was looking for and the big day was drawing closer, he settled with a heavy heart for a traditional design. He saw a beautiful fabric online and contacted the vendor who was also a tailor and asked him to make a bowtie. Still not satisfied, Melvin proceeded to drawing designs that had not been seen before. He searched Youtube for videos on how to make bowties. He bought a sewing machine and started practicing. His first bowtie wasn’t good enough to wear on his wedding day. He quickly realized that his interest was more on the designing side than sewing. From the concept of his first bowtie Blue Cavalz was born. The name “Blue Cavalz” has a hidden meaning. “Blue” is a reference to blue skies. For Blue Cavalz, the sky represents infinite potential. The word “Cavalz” gives a nod to the Cavalla River that runs between three countries in Africa. The combination of the sky in conjunction with the never-ending flow of the Cavalla River illustrates an abundance of endless possibilities. Blue Cavalz’s clothing is designed to reflect “endless possibilities” for all. The goal is to build a brand of unique items while offering them at affordable prices.